My clients tell me that my materials and presentations are...

  • Clear – I have a knack for exposing the core essence of complex concepts in simple, easy to understand terms. Many new developments in science and organizational design are useful only when translated into simple terms that people can understand. The "coke can" story in the Case Study on this page is a good example.
  • Concise – I get to the point.
  • Relevant – I often generate a learning activity or engagement process on the spot that reflects what is live and happening in your organization. I am interested in results you can use now.
  • Useful - At the end of the day, theory is only useful if it enables changes in the real world. I am able to put theory into practice effectively.
  • Generative & Thought-provoking – Listening for all voices in an organizaiton allows me to surface the forces at play that make people behave the way they do. The other side of this same coin are the generative and creative impulses in people that with skilled facilitation become the solutions need for real, lasting change.


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