My clients hire me to provide:

Executive Coaching – People at the top need a specific kind of support to develop. Our methods are direct, effective, and quick. I draw on a broad base of well-researched methods to provide a custom approach to guide you or your executive team to achieve results.

Consulting – it’s hard to see the shape of the landscape when you are in it. The approach I use enables you to see, hear, and understand the larger dynamics of your organization. Generative solutions arise from within these sessions, giving your team high motivation to implement the changes.

Leadership Training – Leading is a whole-brain, whole body sport. It requires a deep tacit knowledge of the organization, as well as refined skills at coaching and inspiring others to do their best. I guide leaders to understand how others perceive them, and to create congruence so that their message inspires others, and they are able to express their potential in the service of the organizations’ goals.

Team Development – Anytime you put a group of high performing (or not!) people together in a room and try to get them moving in the same direction, it’s challenging. Yet, teams offer the highest potential for productivity and success. I help you create collaborative, generative, and achievement oriented teams.

Staff Development – Even “ordinary” performers have a lot to offer if they are inspired and the organizational structure engages and supports them as contributing adults. I work with managers and their staff to create effective, enjoyable work environments that inspire the best from all employee

Jane in Beijing, 2014Jane training a group in Beijing, China on systemic principles of organizations.

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